An image from the NTIA showing 3.6 GHZ Exlusion Zones.

04/28/14 – Viodi View

Residential and business wireless routers that also serve as public WiFi hotspots was one of the significant developments shown at the 2013 Cable Show and will be part of the discussion at this week's show. Unlike so many hype announcements associated with trade shows, this has quietly and … Continue reading
Large 4K displays will create immersive experiences and interactive billboards (think billboards that change based on the audience).

Viodi View – 04/14/14

NAB 2014 Notes and Pictures The “B” (broadcasters) in NAB was somewhat smaller in scope compared to the innovation surrounding the capture, post-production and digital distribution of video that years ago used to be sent exclusively over-the-air. NAV would be a more appropriate acronym … Continue reading
4K image of the Alps at NAB 2014 in the Leyard booth.

NAB 2014 Notes and Pictures

NAV would be a more appropriate acronym for the multi-day conference that NAB hosts in Las Vegas each spring. Video (and audio to a lesser extent) is the common denominator to the sessions and the vendors that populate the massive exhibit floor.  The “B” (broadcasters) in NAB was somewhat … Continue reading
The ViodiTV app is on display in this image.

Viodi View – 03/28/14

A Sneak Peak Innovation Trailer Innovating by improving business processes was a recurring theme of this week’s Minnesota Telecom Alliance Convention and Tradeshow in Minneapolis. The cloud and web applications are driving many of the efficiency improvements for not only operators, but their … Continue reading
The Kolibree Bluetooth, toothbrush and associated app.

Viodi View – 03/12/14

AT&T to Test All-IP Phone Network in 2 U.S. Cities by Alan Weissberger AT&T will begin pilot testing all-digital IP phone networks in West Delray Beach, Florida, and Carbon Hill, Alabama, as part of the U.S. carrier’s push to move away from legacy switched telephone networks (PSTN … Continue reading