Arash Afrakhteh on How to Create a Successful Network Software Company

Arash Afrakhteh

In 1993, Arash Afrakhteh immigrated to the U.S. from Iran to work at Microsoft. He initially felt like “a kid in a candy store,” as a result of the stimulating intellectual environment, bright people, and excellent software tools at the software giant. Arash later worked at Apple, Broadbase Software and at Vertical Networks where he was the principal architect of their award-winning network management software.

A New Open Data Center Network: Disaggregating the Network Operating System from Switch/Router Gear

Introduction: SDN proponents cite the proprietary, closed and tightly integrated hardware/software architectures of switch/routers being an impediment towards achieving network agility, more efficient bandwidth utilization, and lower costs.  That’s because those boxes are complex, aren’t generally inter-operable with other vendor…