The Vision of TelcoVision 2013

A portrait of Big Data guru, Kshitij Kumar.

[Editor's Note; For more great insight from Kshitij about "Big Data" and other topics , please go to his website at] TelcoVision (formerly TelcoTV) was held in Las Vegas, NV Oct 23-25 this year. While the name has changed, much else was similar to previous years. The intent with the name change, of course, was to…

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2013 Telecom Council TC3 Part 1: Start-up Pitches and SPIFFY Award Winners

September 23, 2013
Cell Tower

Introduction: Telecom Council Carrier Connections (TC3) – the Telecom Council’s annual summit- was held Sept 18-19, 2013 at Juniper Networks in Sunnyvale, CA. The event provides an opportunity for start-ups, network equipment vendors, and application developers to interact with telecom carriers (telcos) and global network operators.  In addition, several carrier-vendor success stories were were told…

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Viodi View – 09/06/13

September 6, 2013
An image from the 2013 Challenger Jamboree held at Moreland Little League.

The telecommunications traffic that traverses the fiber optic networks of rural telecom providers is secondary to the real value of locally-owned, telecom operators. The larger value these entities bring is the positive impact they have on their respective communities. Great bandwidth is a big part of that impact and is what is measured by Washington…

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Outstanding Sessions at 2013 Hot Interconnects Conference

August 28, 2013
A slide that characterizes Internet outages.

Introduction: In its 21st year in Silicon Valley, the Hot Interconnects Conference addresses the state of the art and futre technologies used in Data-Center Networking. The high performance communications aspects are also of interest to the Supercomputing community. The 2013 Hot Interconnects Conference Program can be found here. We regret that we missed the first…

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Looking Ahead to the Wireless Future- Paul Jacobs at the CHM- Part II

August 18, 2013
The TELiBrahma service is demonstrated and discussed at CES 2013.

Recap: Part I of this two-part article on Paul Jacobs’ talk at the Computer History Museum reviewed the history leading up to the CDMA standard and assessed where we are now in mobile communications. This second piece examines our wireless future and some of the research projects underway at Qualcomm. It also addresses the potential impact…

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