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Google’s Potential End Game – Transport and Organize the World’s People, Not Just Information

Graph showing evolution of the vehicle in the digital age.

The Year 2040 – Somewhere in Silicon Valley It’s 8:07 am and my next door neighbor, cheapskate Charlie, has been waiting outside his door for a few minutes for his ride, which is guaranteed to be at his house within a 10 minute window. He looks at his garage and is reminded that he will…

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Building a Playground – Building a Community

February 5, 2014
S.J. Sharkie give his opinions on playground designs.

Readers and viewers who follow Viodi on various social outlets may have seen some somewhat odd messages lately about dancing bunnies, wiener dogs meeting Wienermobiles and S.J. Sharkie mixing it up with a bunch of kids. Let me explain the background and the bigger picture behind these seemingly off-topic dispatches. Together by Necessity One of…

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How is the Public Interest Served When Broadcasters Depict Illegal Behavior with No Consequences?

November 14, 2013
Perceived Great Risk of Marijuana Use among Youths Aged 12 to 17: 2002-2011

A recent episode of CBS’ hit series, Two Broke Girls, was thought-provoking; thought-provoking in the sense that it made me ponder, “In 2013, what is the public interest with regards to television broadcasters?”  That is, does it serve the public interest when a prime time (8:30/7:30 pm Monday), entertainment television program depicts behavior which is…

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The Exit Interview

November 1, 2012
Paul Freude at 2007 RICA Conference

I envisioned the perfect title for a video interview that wasn’t to be. Since this was his last day in the industry before setting off for warmer climes, a video interview would be a great way to recognize and capture parting thoughts from an affable and humble GM who led the transformation of a telephone…

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Does Broadband Lead to a Broad Waist?

September 21, 2012
Spring Grove Fitness Center

In late August, the Milken Institute issued a provocative study, Waistlines of the World – The Effect of Information and Communications Technology on Obesity. This report looked at 27 OECD countries between the period of 1988-2009 and the impact of knowledge-based society on obesity rates in those countries. The growth of these rates are a…

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