Alan Weissberger

Alan Weissberger is a renowned researcher in the telecommunications field. Having consulted for telcos, equipment manufacturers, semiconductor companies, large end users, venture capitalists and market research firms, we are fortunate to have his critical eye examining new technologies.
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Abolishing the Fear of Failure- Do What You’re Afraid to Do!

June 27, 2014
An impersonator of an Elvis impersonator gives his best move.

Introduction: On June 26th, Stanford Education & Psychology Professor John D. Krumboltz told a sold out Commonwealth Club-Silicon Valley audience to “stop being afraid of failure. Learn to accept and even enjoy it,” he said in his opening remarks. Prof Krumboltz is the co-author of the book, Fail Fast, Fail Often- How Losing Can Help…

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Broadband TV Conference- Part 3: The Problem and Solution for WiFi Delivered Video Content -Why Can’t We Watch Any Content, on Any Device in Any Room in the Home?

June 12, 2014
An image of AirTies Mesh network configuration.

Introduction and Backgrounder: The number of mobile devices in the home is exploding. Most “Pay TV” operators (like Comcast Xfinity, Verizon FioS, and AT&T U-Verse) are supporting multiple screen viewing as part of their “TV Everywhere” services. The content is mostly OTT VoD, video clips, or real time sporting events available by subscription (e.g. MLB.TV,…

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Broadband TV Conference Part 2: How to Measure Streaming Video Quality

June 11, 2014
Block diagram showing possible quality of service impairments from source to sink.

Introduction: This second article on the 2014 Broadband TV Conference summarizes a presentation by OPTICOM’s CEO on streaming video quality measurements. We think that topic will be very important for many players in the OTT streaming video and connected TV markets. In particular, we believe it’ll be quite valuable for adaptive bit rate OTT and mobile video streaming providers,…

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Broadband TV Conference Overview & Summary of MPEG-DASH Video Streaming Standard

June 9, 2014
An image showing where DASH fits in the streaming ecosystem.

Introduction: The fifth annual Broadband TV Conference, held June 3-4, 2014, in Santa Clara, CA dealt with many key issues on a variety of subject matter, in commercial free panel sessions and individual presentations. The multi-track conference covered topics such as: Is Television As We Know it Sustainable? The Future of Second Screen, Augmented TV…

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Meeker: Mobile is King of Internet Access and Content

June 6, 2014
1cast application on the Gphone

Mary Meeker of KPCB puts out an Internet Trends report every year that is chocked full of interesting data on Internet, social, mobile and e-commerce trends.  In this year’s report at the Code conference in Southern California last week, Ms. Meeker said that while growth in overall Internet usage was slowing (especially in developed countries), it has increased rapidly…

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