Sean Combs at the 2014 Cable Show discussing his cable network RevoltTV.

Cable Show 2014 Musings

The following are some observations from and reactions to the recent 2014 Cable Show. Impressive Demos Open Up DNS, Comcast Is it a Revolution or More of the Same Freedom to Be Creative Tap a WiFi Hot Spot 4K, 4K, 4K Stay Tuned Impressive Demos Comcast had a … Continue reading
Testing TV White Spaces in the footsteps of radio pioneer, Charles D. Herrold.

Viodi View – 02/25/14

That a 55 person company with probably no physical infrastructure can have the approximate market capitalization of one of the Baby Bells (an outdated term, no doubt) is another indicator of our new hyper-productive era where a small team can do what would have taken thousands in years … Continue reading