Viodi View – 02/25/14

That a 55 person company with probably no physical infrastructure can have the approximate market capitalization of one of the Baby Bells (an outdated term, no doubt) is another indicator of our new hyper-productive era where a small team can do what would have taken thousands in years … Continue reading

Viodi View – 12/18/13

Another year, another 200+ videos published on Viodi and other web sites. A few of the videos from 2013 that will be etched in my memory will be those dealing with technologies that sense brain waves to control something. Two of the these videos were published earlier this year. Scroll to the … Continue reading

Viodi View – 12/03/13

It is nice when someone is listening. That’s the feeling I had last Friday while reading Congresswoman Anna Eshoo’s (D-Ca) letter. Her letter was in response to my suggestion that Senator Rockefeller’s bill, S1680, provides an opportunity to reconsider the best way to serve the public … Continue reading