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Autonomous Vehicles and the Law

August 15, 2014
Ken Pyle interviews autonomous car expert, Brian Walker Smith.

“You can look forward to automation as a similar set of local and national tensions and developments and opportunities,” said Bryant Walker Smith. Smith was comparing the early days of broadband and its organic development to what we are seeing with vehicle automation. He brings a unique perspective on this topic, as he is a…

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Viodi View – 12/03/13

December 3, 2013
An image showing a race between a horse drawn and steam powered trains in 1830.

It is nice when someone is listening. That’s the feeling I had last Friday while reading Congresswoman Anna Eshoo’s (D-Ca) letter. Her letter was in response to my suggestion that Senator Rockefeller’s bill, S1680, provides an opportunity to reconsider the best way to serve the public interest with spectrum now used for broadcast television. She…

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Viodi View – 03/23/12

March 23, 2012

Will Google Hangouts and other virtual get together’s replace the advantages of face-to-face communications one sees at a trade show or conference? Sure, the immediacy and the zero travel cost of an online conversation plays well in a world that changes ever faster and needs an instant response. Still, being able to see people in…

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FCC Reinstates Video Description Rules, But More To Come

September 13, 2011
(cc) Keoni Cabral

[Editor's Note: Robert Primosch is a Partner with the Washington, D.C.-based, communications law firm Wilkinson Barker Knauer, LLP] Providers of video, voice and/or data services (and their vendors) should be tracking the FCC’s implementation of the Twenty-First Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act of 2010 (“Accessibility Act”).   Congress passed this legislation to provide the disabled community…

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