The Independent Show

Feeling the Energy with Gary Shorman at #TIS22

Gary Shorman, past Chair of NCTC, speaks about the energy of face-to-face interaction at the 2022 Independent Show (TIS). It is the impromptu side conversations that only happen in real life that provide a great deal of value to a conference like TIS22. This conference brings together leaders of leaders. As Shorman says, ACA Connects/NCTC […]

Economic Development Fiber to the Premise Technology Viodi View

The Next Generation Community Event

Video Summary An Audience that Reflects PBC’s Membership In the above interview filmed at NTCA’s SRC Live, Gary Johnson, CEO/General Manager for Paul Bunyan Communications, describes their most recent GigaZone TechXpo. He observes that it attracted an audience that reflects PBC’s membership. This extended community event, which drew over 4,000 attendees from the greater Bemidji […]

Viodi View

Viodi View – 07/15/23

Cruise and Waymo passed the Kornhauser Proof-of-Technology version of the Turing Test (YouTube) last week. Princeton Professor Kornhauser explains that, if he closed his eyes, he would have found it difficult to differentiate between rides provided to him by those driverless companies and rides given by human drivers. He suggests that the next step is […]


More Time for Lounging – Thanks to a Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner #CES2023

Summer is here and, for some of those fortunate enough to have a pool, it means the never-ending battle to keep it clean of bugs, dirt, and other foreign objects. Enter Aiper with its series of cordless, robotic underwater vacuums designed to keep the floors and sides of a pool clean with minimal human effort. […]

Electric Vehicles

Driving a Smart Phone

Background The following are notes from a recent rental of a Tesla Model 3 from Hertz. This is not an in-depth review of either Tesla or Hertz, although there are some ideas on how to improve the rental experience. It provides first impressions from someone who owns an electric car (a 2015 Nissan Leaf). It […]

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