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OTT movies equal VOD with more gardens to pick from

Sometimes I think about keeping thoughts to myself as they often conflict with what people want to hear or contradict what they believe and then I feel bad and then it happens and then the cycle repeats So here we are at the refresh of another cycle. I’m about to feel bad. Over-the-top progressed faster […]

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2011 Reflections from Roger

The end of 2011 started with scanning as I began scanning old slides and looking at old video footage. The memories made me realized what a wonderful life I’ve had, and the great people I’ve enjoyed it with. Plus, I didn’t have to jump off a bridge to realize it. The scanning gave me with […]

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Social Stories of Folly and Frustration

Facebook Follies Just how valuable are those fleeting Facebooks posts so many businesses use to promote their product or message? The messages quickly disappear into a blog scroll longer than the Mississippi – with locks and dam obstacles to discourage anyone from ever trying to find significant information- so they tend to be more like […]

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Motion Pictures at 4G World

The last half of the 1800s brought pictures "to life" with the zoopraxiscope, kinetoscope, and the vitascope. These were the early days of moving pictures and Cinematographe. The "Wheel of Life" Zoopraxiscope PD Image from Wikipedia – view synchronization by Roger Although simple and presumably unrelated, the photo flip book below made me realize how […]

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ViodiTV with Pivot Media Advertising Sponsorship

Viodi is teaming up with Pivot Media to expand our media coverage and broaden the reach of ViodiTV videos. Contact Ken or Roger for more information on this new opportunity for advertising. ViodiTV has one of the most viewed and largest libraries of video interviews and reports on telecom, broadband, IPTV and related topics in […]