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Building a Playground – Building a Community

Readers and viewers who follow Viodi on various social outlets may have seen some somewhat odd messages lately about dancing bunnies, wiener dogs meeting Wienermobiles, and S.J. Sharkie mixing it up with a bunch of kids. Let me explain the background and the bigger picture behind these seemingly off-topic dispatches. Together by Necessity One of […]

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Facebook Progress Report, Goals, and China Activities at SVIEF Annual Conference

Background: The Silicon Valley Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum (SVIEF) is an international conference designed to foster innovation and promote business partnerships between the U.S. and China. The SVIEF third annual conference -held on Saturday, November 2, 2013 in Santa Clara, CA- brought engineers, politicians, business leaders and startup entrepreneurs together to foster innovation and […]

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The Drive Behind An App for Saving Lives

“Saving lives is more important than money,” so said Alon Atsmon, CEO of iOnRoad, a subsidiary of Picitup, a company with a core technology of creating three-dimensional, computer vision solutions for online retailers, such as ebay. iOnRoad is starting to disrupt an entirely different and still nascent market segment known as Advanced Driver Assisted Systems (ADAS). […]

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WCA Panel: Mobile Gaming, Payments & Location Are In; Wireless Infrastructure Is Out!

Introduction WCA (Wireless Communications Alliance) held their 12th annual “What’s Hot (and What’s Not) in Mobility 2011” event on November 16th in Santa Clara, CA. A panel of venture capitalists shared their opinions and offered predictions on a wide range of topics and issues decided by the moderator.  The emphasis was clearly on the consumer […]

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Social Stories of Folly and Frustration

Facebook Follies Just how valuable are those fleeting Facebooks posts so many businesses use to promote their product or message? The messages quickly disappear into a blog scroll longer than the Mississippi – with locks and dam obstacles to discourage anyone from ever trying to find significant information- so they tend to be more like […]