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The Augmented Fabric at #AWE2019

Could fabrics be the next technology disruptor? The short answer is yes if the predictions and objectives of the AFFOA (Advanced Functional Fabrics of America) are realized. Speaking at the AWE USA 2019, AFFOA CEO, Yoel Fink, paints a picture where fibers act as the sensors and transmitters turning clothing and other fabrics from fashion statements to […]

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DSRC vs C-V2X and More – Spectrum Is the Goldmine

“Spectrum, really the airwaves, is the gold mine,” states Rajiv Mathur, Ph.D., Smart Transportation Programs Prospect Silicon Valley. Mathur was referring to an area of agreement between two competing technological approaches that allow vehicles to communicate with each other, with infrastructure and “things” and, conceivably, even pedestrians. The above interview recaps a 1/23/19, ProspectSV forum that […]

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The Dangers of WiFi/Internet Enabled Cameras and the IoT Connected Home

Introduction: Reports from across the U.S. indicate an ever-increasing problem of hackers accessing the Wi-Fi/Internet enabled cameras from Nest and other IoT security/surveillance device companies.  This author and others have many times warned this is likely to be the number one reason NOT to have a “connected home,” i.e.because of Internet related security problems.  There […]

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Fit and Forget & Many More Ways the World Is Changing #IDTechEx

Roads that generate electricity, solar-powered planes that stay up for weeks at a time and electricity storage that is a part of a structure are the types of things that Dr. Peter Harrop sees in the not-too-distant future.¹ Harrop, the Chairman of the Board of IDTechEx, brings a unique, informed and practical perspective to how […]

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DC5G 2018 Conference Offers Primer on Benefits and Challenges of 5G Deployment

Nearly 300 attendees gathered in Washington, D.C. November 12 and 13 for the second annual DC5G Conference. With no shortage of announcements of initial and planned launches of various versions of 5G service cropping up among major service providers (for example, AT&T and Verizon), the conference took a comprehensive view of how the 5G marketplace […]