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Sleep Better

A good night’s sleep makes all the difference in the world. It’s not just your mother saying this, but science says so as well.* SleepScore Labs makes tracking and understanding one’s sleep performance easy with their smartphone app, SleepScore. In the above interview, filmed at CES 2022, Colin Lawlor, CEO of SleepScore Labs, speaks of […]

Fiber to the Premise Telemedicine Viodi View

Viodi View – 11/30/21

This is not a new insight, but it seems like there are many opportunities for efficiency gains in the healthcare sector. It is more than efficiency and quality improvements as the overall experience, particularly the in-hospital experience, is lacking. Granted, the healthcare system is a labyrinth of regulations, processes, and vested interests that make change […]

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Robots work to fight COVID 19; SK Telecom’s 5G Robot

Robots are being used on a large scale to combat COVID-19 and that may continue for quite some time.  Automation solutions that were unthinkable twenty years ago have matured and are now very practicable, thanks to the convergence of technologies like machine vision, machine learning & AI, open-source robotic operating systems, and mobile components and […]

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Beyond Aging – Living in Place #TIS18

CableLabs’ COO Chris Lammers provides the behind the scenes view of one of Rance Howard’s final acting roles in this interview filmed at TIS18. Howard, an accomplished actor with credits in 283 television shows and movies as well father to director Ron Howard, was the star of the CableLabs video, The Near Future – a […]

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The Consumer Experience Show #CES2018

For decades, the acronym CES stood for Consumer Electronics Show. A few years ago, in recognition of its expanded scope, the show organizers changed it from an acronym to simply a word, CES.  The meaning of CES continues to evolve and some of the descriptors that might be used to describe CES in 2018 include […]