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To help independent telcos seize the local content opportunity and learn how to source, create and distribute local content, Viodi, LLC is producing the Independent Telco Local Content Workshop.

Some of this workshop’s topics include:

  • Local content as a marketing tool
  • Content Sourcing – tap your community’s local talent and leverage your staff
  • Content creation – tips, tools and techniques for making content like a pro
  • Contracts, contracts, contracts…..cover your I.P. – Intellectual Property that is
  • Simple editing techniques, demonstrations and how-to

This will be a jam-packed day of learning and fun in a “roll-up-the-sleeves” atmosphere. This workshop is intended for independent telcos, whether or not they already offer video services.

Who Should Attend?

  • System Managers deciding on strategic direction
  • Marketing Managers wanting to learn how to create and promote local content
  • Telco Web Masters who want to add a little video pizzazz to their web sites
  • Technical Managers needing information on content creation tools and ideas

Workshop Participant Qualifications:

  • Enthusiasm
  • Lots of curiosity
  • Years of television viewing
  • Desire to improve what is on Television

About Workshop Leader - Ken Pyle:

Ken has worked with independent telcos since the early 1990s. As a founder of Viodi, LLC, he has positioned Viodi to be the “voice to Hollywood” for independent telcos. As such, Viodi brings the “Heartland to Hollywood” through the Viodi View newsletter, conferences and a private web site, club.viodi.com, which provides unique insight to independent telcos.

In the content production role, Viodi has produced multimedia CD-ROMs and videos for NTCA, USTA, OPASTCO’s FRED and vendors supplying the independent telephone company market.

Although he has been involved with cable television since 1979, his move into the content creation side of the business has occurred in the past few years. His shift into content creation parallels the path that independent telcos will need to take and gives him a unique perspective to share with independent telcos.

Angela Abshier - Executive Producer 48 Film Project

Angela is a business development consultant, intellectual property lawyer, film producer and producer of the 48 Hour Film Project in Las Vegas. When she’s not on set, Angela is busy protecting and defending the rights and property of artists and musicians by negotiating the balance between art, commerce, and technology.

About Workshop Leader - Roger Bindl:

Roger Bindl writes articles and produces videos for the Viodi View. His background as a telecom and media professional with experience in most aspects of Telco TV and various areas of video and multi-media development, gives him a unique perspective that he regularly shares with the Viodi View readers.

His media works include films shown at the Wis-Kino film festival, and submitted to the 2005 Wisconsin Film Festival. He sits on the Board of Directors for WYOU, a Madison, WI Public Access Channel. Additional he has produced multimedia CD's and interactive on-line projects in the medical field (Statox Photo's multimedia); career (Occupational Guidance the Electronic version), and information data (Directory Industry Buyers Guide).

Roger has been active speaking at industry/professional conferences and writing about Telco TV, media development, multimedia software, and technologies since 1990. He has volunteered with, spoke for, and/or been published at Bits and PC's, Desktop Journal, NTCA, OPASTCO, RICA, IEC, SAM Publishing, USTA, and WSTA. (Due to other filming demands, Roger won't be at the Melrose event).

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Workshop Overview

Independent Telco Local Content Workshop Overview

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What Participants Are Saying

  • "I brought home so much info from Local Content WorkShop and NAB that I need a project manager to know where to begin."
  • "Have it in Sauk Centre so we can see Adam and Shalon’s place! keep up the great work Ken!"

What participants are sayin

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The above video provides commentary by some of the participants from the local content workshop held February 25th, 2004 in Minneapolis, MN - the second stop in Viodi's 11 city Spring 2004 tour. These folks are with independent telephone companies and provide their frank assessement of the workshop.

Special thanks to Mr. Kurt Iverson for his contribution of the background music that sets the mood to the above videos. He has a wide variety of original compositions ranging from smooth jazz to hip-hop to clever children's ditties. Give him a shout, if you need an original soundtrack for your next project.

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