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Viodi View – 06/13/19

The sign in Winslow, Arizona indicated that 1979 was the year I-40 bypassed the old Route 66. Thanks to the Eagles and some dedicated citizens, Winslow has been able to reinvent its downtown into a tourist destination helping to save it from the ghost town status of so many of the communities along this legendary […]

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The Augmented Fabric at #AWE2019

Could fabrics be the next technology disruptor? The short answer is yes if the predictions and objectives of the AFFOA (Advanced Functional Fabrics of America) are realized. Speaking at the AWE USA 2019, AFFOA CEO, Yoel Fink, paints a picture where fibers act as the sensors and transmitters turning clothing and other fabrics from fashion statements to […]

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Smart Glass Technology – Bring People Together, Don’t Drive Them Apart

It is easy to dismiss Intel New Devices General Manager Dan Eisenhardt’s premise that by 2031, smart glasses will replace the hand-held smart devices that have become ubiquitous. Skeptics could bring up many potential barriers to adoption, including battery life, weight and style. There are those who were freed from the weight of glasses through the magic of surgery and the […]