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Viodi View – 04/20/12

FUD – the old Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt phrase that normally describes the unsavory and morally questionable tactics used by a companies whose offering is inferior to the competition.  Using these tactics sometimes buys time for the inferior competitor to introduce a better product or buy their way out of their weak position. There is […]


Ericsson accelerates move to software & systems integration with Telcordia

Ericsson is paying $1.15 billion to acquire Telcordia Technologies Inc in a debt free, cash-only deal. Formerly known as BellCore or Bell Communications Research, Telcordia has been up for sale for some time by it’s financial industry owners- Providence Equity Partners LLC and Warburg Pincus LLC. Please refer to this article for background information: Telcordia […]

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Ethernet Extensions via a Bandwidth Transport Application Overlay

These are photos of a white paper written by Bill Brotherton, Richard Murphy and Ken Pyle when they were at Raynet, an early developer of Fiber in the Loop technology, equipment and processes. This white paper was published at part of the June 1993 National Fiber Optic Engineers Conference proceedings. (This post was created 11/15/2014).