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New apps and smart phones to drive demand for 4G mobile networks

We now believe that smart phones and "all-in-one" gadgets will drive the need for more bandwidth and QOS and accelerate mobile network movement to 3.5G (EVDO, HSPA, mobile WiMAX, etc) and 4G (LTE and Advanced WiMAX- IEEE 802.16m). UK research firm Mobile Squared reports that Apple to hit 1 billion app downloads on April 23rd!  Please see: […]

Alan Weissberger

Will Cisco Succeed in the Consumer Electronics Business?

Update: See comment below on Cisco entering the Compute Server Business. Cisco is thought of as a successful network equipment vendor selling switches and routers to enterprise customers and service providers.   The company also sells (Linksys) WiFi routers and (Scientific Atlanta) set top boxes for use within homes.  Sensing a new opportunity, the company now wants to make significant inroads in the […]