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Viodi View – 10/13/2010

The Wall Street Journal had a terrific feature article in yesterday’s edition about the business of scraping data from web sites. Amazingly, as the article highlights, this practice is not just the domain of shady characters, as respectable companies are making money from gathering data, without permission, from others’ web sites, analyzing it and reselling […]


The Tablet and Smart Phone as an Input Screen and as a Product Finder

M2M could be a big driver for LTE networks, as shown in Alan Weissberger's latest article and as evidenced by a conversation I had with one network provider last week at CTIA . Although I never made it to the CTIA showfloor, I did see some interesting exhibits at a pre-CTIA press event. Two items […]

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AT&T Upgrades 3G Network while VZW On Track with LTE Buildout; IDC’s Market Forecast

Introduction On the eve of the CTIA WIRELESS 2010® show in Las Vegas this week, the two biggest U.S. wireless carriers are pursuing different paths to eliminate current 3G bandwidth congestion, provide higher speeds to users and achieve lower cost per bit transmitted. These initiatives are extremely important for the health of the wireless industry, […]