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TC3 Part 3: UNIFI Communications- An Interesting Global VoIP Network Provider

Introduction: UNIFI Communications is not a well known telecom brand name. Yet the company handles one billion minutes of annual global traffic ¬†from over 100 million subscribers,¬†through 22 peering locations or “points of presence.” That makes it one of the largest IP, international carriers in the world! The accomplishments, innovations, and future directions from this […]

Viodi View

Viodi View – 05/27/09

In this issue, Roger Bindl and Margaret Hines of Inspire Marketing report from the 2009 Wisconsin State Telecommunications Association Convention. Alan Weissberger reports on a talk given by famed anti-trust expert, Gary Reback. The comments that follow from Reback and others provide an interesting look at the changing anti-trust climate. Finally, I follow up with […]


Enter a New Gateway

I recently had a chance to catch up with Robert Peterson and Jeff Christensen of Entry Point, LLC based in Idaho Falls and Salt Lake City. Entry Point is an early stage company with a gateway product capable of supporting so-called triple play services, as well as advanced broadband services such as smart meters, femtocells […]