People on the Move

Mr. IP Video

Steve Hawley has the license plate to prove that he is Mr. IP Video. I had a chance to catch up with Steve on the drive from Roslyn to the SeaTac airport last Tuesday (thanks for the ride, Steve). In addition to his role as Editor of IPTV News magazine, published by Junction, Ltd, (a must-read for […]

Telco Services

Tidbits from a U-verse Customer

  So I am standing in the return line at a major Silicon Valley, big box retailer last night and a conversation with a late twenty-something guy, who is standing next to me, ensues. As it turns out, he is a current customer of AT&T’s U-verse IPTV service. Like my earlier video interview with uVerse customer Mark […]

Interactive Television Local Content Regulatory Technology

TelcoTV’s Terrific Turn-out

It has been awhile since I have heard anyone in the telecom vendor community express positive feelings about the attendance at a conference.  I repeatedly heard from many vendors, however, what a great turn-out for this first annual conference regarding telephone companies that are providing or are planning on providing video services. As with video, the […]