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Viodi View – 12/10/22

One of the best things about face-to-face conferences is the chance for a speaker or an attendee to elaborate on what was said. In this issue, we have several stories from conferences earlier in the year that are as relevant as ever; particularly with the arrival of ski and snowboard season. A Cyber Security Resource […]

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Barney, a Beneficiary of the Broadband Plan?

If my brief look at just of one section is an indicator, then politicians, pundits and consultants will be discussing the content of the FCC’s National Broadband Plan for many years. Section 15.2 (page 302), Building a Robust Digital Media Ecosystem,starts by pointing out the significant challenges and declines faced by traditional journalism outlets, such […]

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People Die, Profiles Don’t

How many accounts, or how much information do you have on-line with banking, e-commerce, email, social networks, and such? What happens to these on-line accounts after death? Does your executor have access to these digital assests, does your family, does a friend? Who controls this information after death? You may be surprised just how confusing […]

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Is Content Becoming Dust in the Wind?

Are we reaching a point where content becomes dust in the wind – like the song by Kansas? Or, is the dust growing with all those memories and dreams recorded forever along with the observers and seekers? It seems like a part of both as people create 1 billion posts per day on Facebook, 12 […]

The Korner

The Drum Set of this Millennium

Presents start flowing to my eldest son 10 days before Christmas, as he was born on December 15. He informed a few days before his big event that this, his 10th birthday, was special as it represented his graduation from kid to tween status. By the way they were smirking and chortling, I had an […]

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