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Viodi View – 02/3/18

A recent newspaper column suggested decentralizing governance and shifting it away from single point hubs, such as Washington D.C., to locations closer to the affected people or industries, For instance, in this scenario, Kansas might be home to the Department of Agriculture. This echos industry stalwart Cliff Albertson’s similar suggestion, made almost five years ago in this ViodiTV […]

Autonomous Vehicles, New Mobility & the Built Environment CES2018 Wireless

The See Through Car – P2P Possibilities #CES2018

The promise of Vehicle-to-Vehicle communications has been around the corner and illustrated in presentations for decades, so it was a treat to see the technology in product form at CES2018, In the above video, Dr. Amine Taleb, Director of R&D for Comfort and Driving Assistance for Valeo North America, demonstrates Valeo’s XtraVue, which streams video […]

Alan Weissberger IPTV Wireless

Broadband TV Conference- Part 3: The Problem and Solution for WiFi Delivered Video Content -Why Can’t We Watch Any Content, on Any Device in Any Room in the Home?

Introduction and Backgrounder: The number of mobile devices in the home is exploding. Most “Pay TV” operators (like Comcast Xfinity, Verizon FioS, and AT&T U-Verse) are supporting multiple screen viewing as part of their “TV Everywhere” services. The content is mostly OTT VoD, video clips, or real time sporting events available by subscription (e.g. MLB.TV, […]