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Sony Vegas 13 – Catalyst for a New Computer

PC hardware manufacturers should love Sony Vegas 13, as it will drive new sales, at least if the experience of this author is typical. Granted, this author’s two-plus year old laptop, with its 4 Gig of memory and Intel, i5-based CPU, had issues editing with Sony Vegas 12 (would need to reboot at least once […]

Review Ultra High Definition Video Editing

Tohisba Satellite S55t B5233 as a Video Editing Machine

The following post provides a high-level view of the Toshiba S55t B5233 lap-top and its performance as a video editing laptop. The intent isn’t to provide a comprehensive review, but to give a snapshot of a couple of days of use for primarily editing videos using Sony Vegas 13 with various 3rd-party plug-ins. This combination […]