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How is the Public Interest Served When Broadcasters Depict Illegal Behavior with No Consequences?

A recent episode of CBS’ hit series, Two Broke Girls, was thought-provoking; thought-provoking in the sense that it made me ponder, “In 2013, what is the public interest with regards to television broadcasters?”  That is, does it serve the public interest when a prime time (8:30/7:30 pm Monday), entertainment television program depicts behavior which is […]

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Help On Demand – Online and On TV

HDTV calibration is another innovative way SureWest Communications is adding value to its bundled service offering. They are doing this through a series of on-demand videos that help people calibrate their televisions. The videos provide an easy to follow along tutorial on how to adjust contrast, brightness, resolution and color. What is amazing about this […]


The Future of Broadband Video

Mark Ellison of Patton Boggs LLP asks a very interesting question as to whether the future of broadband video is at stake in a post on the Law360 blog.  He asks this question in the context of the Comcast-NBC merger and he points out that securing content for its broadband properties is, in the opinion […]

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How will I watch TV today?

This morning I debated… how will I watch television? The debate ended quickly as I contemplated the options. My wife and I like watching CBS News "Sunday Morning" live. It’s one of the few programs we like to watch at a specific time, so we watch it over the air, or on cable – either […]