Pai Talks Net Neutrality and Digital Divide; O’Rielly Addresses Overbuilding and LFAs at ACA Summit

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai and his colleague, Commissioner Michael O’Rielly, both addressed the recent 26th Annual ACA Summit in Washington, D.C. Both of their remarks celebrated the investment in, and deployment of, broadband infrastructure in rural areas by small providers. They also discussed how regulatory costs can fall upon small businesses in a […]

Fiber to the Premise

Google Fiber’s Slow Rollout & Pole Access Challenges

Introduction: Google Fiber1 had only 53,390 TV customers as of Dec. 31,2015, according to U.S. Copyright Office data published in a recent MoffettNathanson report. Furthermore, growth in subscribers is slowing. The report said that Google Fiber’s video customer base grew by 79 percent over the previous year. It grew at 136 percent for the last […]

Viodi View

Viodi View – 05/24/11

Gathering stories from the heartland has been one of the most rewarding things since we launched ViodiTV at the OPASTCO Summer Convention in 2006.  That launch featured a bit of a road trip as we traveled from Madison to VA to South Carolina over the course of a couple of weeks visiting a couple of […]