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An On-Demand Public Transit Leapfrog

Is the largest city in America without a public bus transit system laying the groundwork for an autonomous, on-demand shuttle network? Arlington, Texas, a city of 400k in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, is reportedly planning on spending $9M per year to serve its entire 99 square miles with 70 shuttles operated by Via. Via’s on-demand […]

Viodi View

Viodi View – 01/20/21

A Digital Talent Multiplier Did the statement, “I could just be here [CES2021] virtually,” jinx 2020? This statement, made last January at CES2020, was a comment on the realistic-looking video models created by HourOne’s Generative AI service. The creation of a digital twin is definitely an appealing alternative to the wear and tear of CES […]