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Smart Glass Technology – Bring People Together, Don’t Drive Them Apart

It is easy to dismiss Intel New Devices General Manager Dan Eisenhardt’s premise that by 2031, smart glasses will replace the hand-held smart devices that have become ubiquitous. Skeptics could bring up many potential barriers to adoption, including battery life, weight and style. There are those who were freed from the weight of glasses through the magic of surgery and the […]

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Viodi View – 07/13/12

The FCC’s 901 Auction (Mobility Fund Phase 1 reverse auction) is less than three months away and yesterday was the filing deadline for applications.  There many unserved places in the U.S that need mobile and fixed broadband, as shown in this interactive FCC map.  Bringing mobile to these areas will hopefully have the side benefit of […]

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Amazon Smart Phone Coming in 2012 May Challenge Carrier Model

Overview Amazon is said to be actively developing a smartphone that would present a direct challenge to Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android devices.  Two sources close to the project say the Amazon smartphone would essentially serve as an extension of the Amazon Kindle Fire – the  hugely successful tablet e-reader offering  (this author has a […]

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The Drive Behind An App for Saving Lives

“Saving lives is more important than money,” so said Alon Atsmon, CEO of iOnRoad, a subsidiary of Picitup, a company with a core technology of creating three-dimensional, computer vision solutions for online retailers, such as ebay. iOnRoad is starting to disrupt an entirely different and still nascent market segment known as Advanced Driver Assisted Systems (ADAS). […]

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