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Arash Afrakhteh on How to Create a Successful Network Software Company

In 1993, Arash Afrakhteh immigrated to the U.S. from Iran to work at Microsoft. He initially felt like “a kid in a candy store,” as a result of the stimulating intellectual environment, bright people, and excellent software tools at the software giant. Arash later worked at Apple, Broadbase Software and at Vertical Networks where he was the principal architect of their award-winning network management software.

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Highlights of 2013 TiEcon- Part I: Opening Keynotes

Introduction TiEcon is the largest global conference for¬†entrepreneurs. It is organized by TIE (The Indus¬†Entrepreneurs),¬† Silicon Valley chapter each year in Santa Clara, CA. This author has covered the conference for the past five years. This year’s conference convener was Ravinder Paul Singh, who is very highly regarded as a professional who always follows up […]

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LinkedIn and Skype $8B+ Valuations Contrast with Telecom & Networking Start-Ups which Can’t Raise Capital

This is an interesting dichotomy. LinkedIn and Skype are $8B+ market cap software companies that have developed popular platforms (Social networking for “business professionals” and VoIP/conferencing) which depend on Internet access for customers. Yet, mature telecom and networking companies that provide the infrastructure (or “plumbing”) for the Internet have depressed stock prices. And more of […]

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Silicon Valley Bubble or Barrier for Web 2.0 Startups?

Who's got it right?  Are the new breed of Web 2.0 start-ups good investments now or are they over valued for what they propose to deliver?  Have the three musketeers of the new web- Google, Apple, and Facebook- created such huge barriers that it will be extremely difficult for start-ups to compete?  We'll try to provide […]

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Viodi View – 11/24/10

IPTV Takes Off at Internet Speed To date, the “I” in Internet Protocol Television has been about the protocol. If the 2010 TelcoTV Conference is an indication, IPTV may have caught up with the rapid pace of change associated with the Internet. Based on the demonstrations on the TelcoTV tradeshow floor, 2010 may be the […]

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