Alan Weissberger

More telco woes: WiMAX spending drops + Broadband growth slows as RBOCs add fewer xDSL lines!

FierceBroadbandWireless wonders if the recent reported financial results of WiMAX companies is the beginning of a shakeout in the industry between winners (few) and losers (many).   Key WiMAX vendors including Alvarion, Redline, Airspan and NextWave posted quarterly results recently as did WiMAX bellwethers Sprint-Nextel and Clearwire: The general takeaway is that WiMAX spending is way […]

Viodi View

Viodi View – 02/06/08 Issue

The Super Bowl, Super Tuesday and Mardi Gras are behind us. Lots of hype, excitement and, even some substance, associated with these events. With Mardi Gras, there is no substitution for being there. The super events, however, are better on television and even better when augmented with broadband. The intersection of broadband and television and the way these media […]


The Video Business Case for Independent Telcos – The Report

The Video Business Case for Independent Telcos – The Report Viodi’s report, The Video Business Case for Independent Telcos provides results to a survey of independent telcos and their business case for video. Most of the telcos that responded to the survey have figured out a way to deploy video services. This survey provides insight […]