Alan Weissberger Wireless

A Tale of 2 Meetings: Mobile Telecom in Crisis

1.  SVC Wireless March 10th Meeting: Mobile in Crisis- How to Survive and Thrive through the Economic Tsunami With the current credit crisis, economic meltdown, and stock market crash, both business and individuals are facing significant challenges: Big corporations are cutting cost and downsizing workforce while startups are struggling with shrinking market and drying capital […]

Roger Bindl ViodiTV

Monetizing Web Video with Social Networks

The key takes from a CableFAX webinar on monetizing web video, social networks, and other on-line activities for me was that success come from various places, they were likely based on a plan, and the plan included a means to insure success. Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried of EQAL, the producers of Lonely Girl 15, […]