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Kudos to Alan Weissberger

I have always appreciated Alan Weissberger’s ability to analyze and write about complex technical challenges. He is never afraid to take a strong view on a topic. A former FCC Commissioner commented on one of his articles by stating, “Your articles were right on target and I very much enjoyed them.”  Further, Weissberger is quoted in the […]

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Wireless Telecom in Transition – Moto and Nortel may combine Wireless Infrastructure Units while Alcatel forms partnership with NEC for LTE

[editor’s note:  To engage Alan Weissberger for consulting services, contact him at alan at viodi dot com] If implemented, the merger of Motorola’s and Nortel’s wireless infrastructure businesses would result in the creation of a $10 billion revenue company that would be better positioned to jostle for market share in a fast-consolidating industry.  Both companies have […]

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Juniper CEO Scott Kriens Thoughts on Leadership and Corporate Culture Transformation

By Alan J. Weissberger, contact alan at for information on his telecom consulting services.   On Jan 8, 2008, I was privileged to hear Scott Kriens talk at the SCU Business School (I was a Professor in SCU EE Dept for many years).  Here are the key points of his talk:   Juniper has […]