Viodi (pronounced V-O-D) aims to be the premier provider of information and assistance to independent communications service providers and their vendors in their efforts to add value to their broadband networks.


  • Publishes the Viodi View; An on-line publication where we share news, analysis, opinions regarding the broadband ecosystem that we believe will be of interest and use to our friends associated directly or indirectly with independent broadband operators. Along the way, we have found our to topics to be of interest to people from larger operators, technology companies, policy experts and the creative community both in the U.S. and international locales.
  • Produces ViodiTV; ViodiTV is the video version of the Viodi View newsletter, bringing reporting, commentary and coverage of topics and events of interest to people working for independent broadband operators and their vendors. ViodiTV enhances the value of conferences (displayed on a hotel channel where conference attendees stay) by bringing conference topics into the hotel room, after conference hours.   ViodiTV is also online at and the content from ViodiTV is often referenced in the associated Viodi View newsletter and other websites.
  • Produces various promotional, interview style and testimonial videos for clients in the telecom industry. Our strength is understanding the telecom industry and being able to rapidly translate that into a finished product with minimal client effort. Additionally, we provide multiple outlets (online and in select conference channels) for the promotion of client videos.
  • Produces the highly acclaimed Viodi Local Content Workshop Series, which helps independent telcos learn techniques for integrating local content into their operations.  These workshops are useful for independent telcos, whether they are experienced local producers or just considering a local content strategy.
  • Produced the Independent Telco Video Content Conference and co-produced, with USTA, IP Video @ Telecom 03, IP Video @ Telecom 04 and IP Video @ Supercomm 2004 & IP Video @ Supercomm 2005 that brought together content licensors and independent telcos.
  • Is producing, creating and distributing DVDs and product CDs for various telecommunications’ suppliers. Click here for an example.
  • Acquired content, created on-air and print media for Broadband Service Provider clients serving both residential and commercial deployments.
  • Supplied clients with content for product demonstration and testing purposes.
  • Assisted clients with studies and system modeling in both the technical and operational aspects of on-demand networks.
  • Viodi and its associates have created numerous reports covering various topics surrounding the intersection of technology and media.
  • Served as a liaison for suppliers wishing to address the Independent Operator (telco/cable) marketplace.

For additional information on Viodi and its team, please contact us at documonials at viodi dot com or 408 676 6496.