CES 2012 Technology

ThreeD for DDDummies

[Editor’s note: contact the 3D version of Peter, email him at [email protected]] For some years 3D TV content providers have been seeking overnight success. Heavily researched, beautifully made (mostly cartoon /animated) cinema productions have indeed captivated audiences, and stirred significant investment aimed at bringing the 3D viewing experience into the living room.  January’s CES showed […]

CES 2012 The Korner

Eye Catchers at CES 2012

[Note:  this was originally published on 1/9/2012, updated on 1/25/2012 and 2/4/2012]. Glasses free 3D on an iPad or iPhone for only $30.   Globalwave introduced sheets that turn screens from iPhone size to 23 inch that allow glasses-free 3D viewing.  Their “free” app can be found at Photos from CES 2012 of products, […]

CES 2012 Start-Ups Technology

The Augmented Life or the $6M Man Becomes the $6K Man

Beyond the larger question of how society will deal with a world where machine and human become intertwined in ways that are unimaginable, what are the implications for the telecom provider as the developments described above become commercially viable?

CES 2012 social media Start-Ups Wireless

The Drive Behind An App for Saving Lives

“Saving lives is more important than money,” so said Alon Atsmon, CEO of iOnRoad, a subsidiary of Picitup, a company with a core technology of creating three-dimensional, computer vision solutions for online retailers, such as ebay. iOnRoad is starting to disrupt an entirely different and still nascent market segment known as Advanced Driver Assisted Systems (ADAS). […]