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The Next Generation Community Event

Video Summary An Audience that Reflects PBC’s Membership In the above interview filmed at NTCA’s SRC Live, Gary Johnson, CEO/General Manager for Paul Bunyan Communications, describes their most recent GigaZone TechXpo. He observes that it attracted an audience that reflects PBC’s membership. This extended community event, which drew over 4,000 attendees from the greater Bemidji […]

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An Opportunity to Be a Model for the Rest of the World

The Joint Venture Silicon Valley (JVSV) 2016 State of the Valley Conference painted a picture of an extremely prosperous region, as shown by its high median income of $98,535 and housing prices with a median price of $830,000. As is common knowledge in Silicon Valley, this prosperity causes an “affordability” issue for the significant number of people on the […]

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2011 Capturing the Heart of the Heartland Tour Overview

The 2011 ViodiTV Capturing the Heart of the Heartland Tour is about telling the stories of the people and companies that are bringing telecommunications to rural America and the positive impact these efforts are having on the people of their communities.  To see some of these stories that Viodi has captured in years past, please […]

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Economic Gardening Instead of Big Business Hunting

50 billion dollars; that is how much communities and states spend each year wooing businesses from outside their area, according to Dr. Glenda Humiston, USDA Rural Development State Director for California. Speaking at last week’s Western Telecom Alliance Convention, Humiston likened this jockeying for out-of-town businesses as a zero-sum game that has limited benefit in […]