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Wireless Charging of the Autonomous Vehicle & More #sdc2022

[Added 12/16/22 – Ryan Marinelli of InductEV provides an example of inductive charging in the ice and snow, which led to an informative online discussion. Referenced in that discussion is a January 2017 ViodiTV interview with Qualcomm about charging technology] Automated charging without the need for human intervention is a must-have for the eventual implementation […]

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DC5G 2018 Conference Offers Primer on Benefits and Challenges of 5G Deployment

Nearly 300 attendees gathered in Washington, D.C. November 12 and 13 for the second annual DC5G Conference. With no shortage of announcements of initial and planned launches of various versions of 5G service cropping up among major service providers (for example, AT&T and Verizon), the conference took a comprehensive view of how the 5G marketplace […]

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Some Innovative New Thinking and Some Big Impacts – #InnovationandImpact

What was the bigger announcement? That the Valley Transit Authority is looking at how they transform the organization to become a mobility manager or that they are looking at autonomous buses in rights-of-way they own, instead of fixed rail solutions. These were just a few of the may insights from ProspectSV’s Innovation and Impact Symposium, […]

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Security is Biggest Issue for U.S. Infrastructure, Cloud Computing, Open Networking, and the Internet of Things

The Security Threat is Real and Increasing! “At around 8:15am the Monday before Thanksgiving, that black screen of death came on (all the office PCs). They shut down the entire network. We couldn’t really work the rest of the week, which seemed OK because it was a holiday week. But as Tuesday and Wednesday progressed, […]

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Energy 2.0 & Green Button in Spotlight at Connectivity Week 2012

Introduction: The rationale, status and applications of Energy 2.0 as well as the Green Button (GB) initiative were key focus areas at the Connectivity Week conference, May 21-24, 2012 in Santa Clara, CA. Smart grid applications and a reality check status report were also quite relevant. These are all summarized below. Cloud based smart grid […]

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