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Assessment of Open Networking, Bare Metal Switches, White Boxes, and NFVi

The Vision and Reality of Open Networking: From 2012 to at least 2016, there was tremendous industry buzz about disaggregation of the network switch, transport equipment, and network appliances. Many industry “experts” and stock market analysts said that purpose-built hardware would be replaced by “open network” software running on commodity “white boxes” and “bare metal […]

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The Dangers of WiFi/Internet Enabled Cameras and the IoT Connected Home

Introduction: Reports from across the U.S. indicate an ever-increasing problem of hackers accessing the Wi-Fi/Internet enabled cameras from Nest and other IoT security/surveillance device companies.  This author and others have many times warned this is likely to be the number one reason NOT to have a “connected home,” i.e.because of Internet related security problems.  There […]

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Rapidly Deployable WiFi Played Key Role in Thai Cave Rescue

A U.S. based company’s outdoor WiFi gear played an important role in the recent Thailand cave rescue.  In a saga that gripped the world, 12 young Thai boys and their soccer coach were trapped for two weeks, before being rescued by Thai Navy Seals. Cambium Networks, a global provider of wireless networking solutions, provided networking equipment […]

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Microsoft requests FCC to use TV White Spaces for Restoration of wireless communications in Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands

Last week Microsoft asked the FCC for Special Temporary Authority to use TV white spaces (TVWS) to restore communications in areas of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands affected by hurricanes Irma and Maria.  (See Backgrounder below for more information). The desktop software and cloud computing giant filed an amendment to add the U.S. […]

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JEDEC Forum: Artificial Intelligence/ML/DL & IT Requirements for Edge Computing

Introduction: Several new ideas, concepts and forecasts were made at JEDEC’s Mobile & IOT Forum on March 26, 2018 in Santa Clara, CA. Those related To Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning/ Deep Learning and New IT Requirements for Edge Computing are summarized in this article.  In particular, three presentations are detailed while some thoughts on AI/ML for […]

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