The goal of this web site is to aggregate and continue the conversation about local content that occurs in Viodi’s Local Content Workshops. This web site is in beta form with a mix of content that is open to the public, some that is open to those willing to provide their LinkedIn (or other social media credentials) and, some content that may soon be behind a pay wall. Here are some ideas we have as to how membership in this site could add value to and help independent broadband service providers create better content.

This is an example of a Viodi 2012 Local Content Award
Local Content Award Example
  • Local Content Awards participation
  • Webinars on the topic of local content
  • Discounts on Local Content Workshops
  • Exclusive local video content tips and techniques
  • Discounts on operator-specific, ViodiTV Community Workshops/Events
  • Discounts on reports and white papers, such as the One Person Local Content Plan.
  • Discounts on Viodi produced, operator-specific things, such as promotional videos and associated white papers, local content business plans, presentations and consulting.
  • Potential for the creation of Independent Content Video Festivals and a Content Exchange

We are curious what content would be of value to you, the local content creator, so please let us know by adding your comments below.

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