FCC’s Carr is a Fan of Field Visits, Foe of Regulatory Overreach

This is the final installment of Steve Pastorkovich’s excellent coverage of NTCA’s 2023 Telecom Executive Policy Summit (TEPS). The first article on the topic of broadband funding is here and the second article regarding security and network resilience in the face of attacks is here. FCC’s Commissioner Carr on the Importance of Field Visits, and […]

Viodi View

Viodi View – 12/28/21

The theme of CES2022 is “Beyond the everyday”. Although the intent of that sentence probably has to do with the impact of different technologies, in 2022 this statement could mean the idea of being around 150k+ conference-goers. It will definitely be a back to the future experience. At least this interviewer will have a limited-edition […]