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Zoox – Slow and Steady Road to Autonomy – #CES2023

The fable goes that the tortoise beat the hare in its race by its slow and steady pace. Slow and steady is the approach that Zoox is taking to achieve safe and sustainable autonomous mobility. In the above interview, filmed at CES2023, Paul Escobar, Senior Public Policy & Safety Strategy Manager for Zoox, describes how […]

Viodi View

Viodi View – 07/24/20

“You had to be there” is the worn-out phrase one hears from a storyteller after his story doesn’t quite get the reaction he thought it would. Fortunately for the Viodi View audience, many of my stories are captured with video so it is possible to see and hear directly from the people doing the action. […]

Autonomous Vehicles, New Mobility & the Built Environment

Will Driverless Trucks Have a Driver?

Will driverless trucks require an operator and, if so, what will that person do? Where will that person reside, in the truck or in some remote location? These are the types of questions inspired by the recent request for comments issued by the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration); the federal agency responsible for regulating […]

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Alexa Lost Her Voice on Friday and Isn’t Learning as Advertised

Amazon’s digital assistant Alexa went down on Friday while speaking the wrong error messages to customers.  During a ½ hour span Friday morning, I heard the following from Alexa on my Echo device, Amazon Fire Tablet and Fire TV stick:  “I’m having trouble understanding right now… try again later.” “Your echo device lost its WiFi […]

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Do You Hear What I Hear?

Some 80% of those with hearing loss do not use a hearing aid, according to Philip Hilmes of L126/Amazon at SMPTE’s Entertainment Technology in the Internet Age Conference. Given yesterday’s announcement of the Amazon Fire phone, Hilmes’ brought interesting insight into the topic of immersive and personal audio and how Amazon is using feedback from […]