Autonomous Vehicles, New Mobility & the Built Environment

Improving Driving Today, While Building an Autonomous-Driving Future #CES2020

Using only the camera and processing power of an iPhone, Phiar overlays directions on a live video shown on a driver’s smartphone display. The Phiar solution also identifies objects, people, lane-markers, and more. Potential features of the Phiar app include lane departure warning and collision warning. Founder and CEO, Chen-Pin Yu explains that they had […]

Autonomous Vehicles, New Mobility & the Built Environment Internet of Everything Wireless

Shared Bikes & More Without Fixed Infrastructure

In the above video, filmed at Pepcom’s Digital Experience held in conjunction with CES2018, LimeBike’s VP of Marketing and Partnerships, Caen Contee made a prediction that LimeBike would grow by 300,000 bikes in the U.S. in just a quarter or two. Judging by this author’s February visit to Scottsdale, AZ and his use of LimeBike […]

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The Drive Behind An App for Saving Lives

“Saving lives is more important than money,” so said Alon Atsmon, CEO of iOnRoad, a subsidiary of Picitup, a company with a core technology of creating three-dimensional, computer vision solutions for online retailers, such as ebay. iOnRoad is starting to disrupt an entirely different and still nascent market segment known as Advanced Driver Assisted Systems (ADAS). […]