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FCC AWS-3 Auction Ends; Raises Record $44.9 Billion!

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has just closed its auction of AWS-3 wireless spectrum licenses, raising a record $44.9 billion in the process. The Wall Street Journal reports (on line subscription required) that this is the largest amount of money the FCC has ever collected from a spectrum auction, and is more than double what was earned in 2008 […]

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AT&T’s “SDN-WAN” as the Network to Access & Deliver Cloud Services

Introduction: For several years, we’ve wondered why there was so many alternative WANs used and proposed to access and deliver cloud computing and storage services (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, etc.) for public, private, and hybrid clouds. The list includes: the public Internet (best effort), IP MPLS VPN, other types of IP VPNs, Carrier Ethernet for Private […]

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Network Neutrality is Dead: Netflix deal with AT&T; VZ Throttling- FCC?

Netflix announced Tuesday that it had agreed to pay AT&T for a direct “peering” connection to AT&T’s network. The two companies arranged the deal this past May and have been working since then to connect their respective networks. AT&T had been pressing Netflix to pay for an upgraded connection between their networks since at least March […]

Viodi View

Viodi View – 08/09/13

The moments of life blur together as the years speed by faster and faster. Travel tends to accelerate the blur, as the towns and conferences seem to melt into a collage of images and seem to be part of another life. The moments that standout are when those different paths intersect, like they did last […]

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AT&T Offers Faster U-Verse Internet in CA and NV

AT&T has launched a very tangible piece of its Project Velocity IP (VIP) in Nevada and California, introducing a faster U-verse broadband tier that delivers theoretical download speeds of up to 45 M bits/sec and upstream speeds of 6 M bits/sec. The new broadband tier, called U-verse High Speed Internet Power, will cost $50 a month […]