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06/11/21 – Viodi View

There is nothing like a shutdown to make one appreciate travel, particularly travel by airplane. By entering a portal of sorts, it is possible, in a few short hours, to come out the other side in a completely new environment. And seeing something in person or meeting an old friend face-to-face cannot compare to a […]

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Innovation Around the Peachtree Corner

With autonomous vehicles of all types and a communications-to-everything infrastructure, Peachtree Corners, Georgia is a vision of the mobility and smart community future. An integral part of this relatively new Georgia community is a city-owned lab, the Curiosity Lab at Peachtree Corners. Approximately, 8,000 people work and 1,000 people live in the 500-acre boundaries of […]

Autonomous Vehicles, New Mobility & the Built Environment

The Elevator Pitch – Share the Road, Share a Ride

Share a ride in the same way that an elevator is shared is Dr. Alain Kornhauser’s plea in above interview filmed at the AVS18 conference. Further, in a recent SmartDrivingCar podcast with Fred Fishkin, Kornhauser calculated that with the 80,000+ vehicles Waymo has on order, they could be providing 4 million rides per day within […]