Autonomous Vehicles, New Mobility & the Built Environment

Always on Connectivity and Implications to Mobility

Online connectivity is changing the nature of vehicles from transportation-centric to connected mobility hubs. This connectivity leads to a treasure trove of valuable data about the people in these connected vehicles. This data may become more valuable that the actual transport function of future vehicles.

Cloud Computing

Using Big Data to Drive Customer Satisfaction

Telcos have access to a gold mine of customer data. Whenever a customer interacts with the operator’s website, whenever they use any self-service options, or even when they call in to talk to a live operator – there is data that is generated that holds a lot of value for the telecommunications provider. Telcos operate […]

Software Defined Network Wearable & Implantables

Technology Outlook: The Cable Show 2014

The Cable Show 2014 was back in Los Angeles this year – which usually allows for a larger contingent of content folks to attend given the proximity of Hollywood. This year saw a good mix of technology folks rubbing shoulders with content-types but it almost felt like two shows in parallel – one set of […]

Conferences Technology

The Vision of TelcoVision 2013

[Editor’s Note; For more great insight from Kshitij about “Big Data” and other topics , please go to his website at] TelcoVision (formerly TelcoTV) was held in Las Vegas, NV Oct 23-25 this year. While the name has changed, much else was similar to previous years. The intent with the name change, of course, was to […]

Viodi View

Viodi View – 03/08/13

Telling the Whole Story Overwhelmed with information from all outlets, content needs to fit into soundbites and short, focused stories to keep the short attention span of today’s viewer and/or reader. Broadcast television has always been that way and this point was proven to me again over the weekend. Still, for those viewers who want […]