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FCC Completes Reverse Auction as Forward Auction Looms Large

Executive Summary: The FCC concluded the first round of its two-part spectrum incentive Auction 1000 on Wednesday, June 29, 2016. Broadcasters sold some or all of their spectrum usage rights in exchange for millions of dollars.  It’s been called a “reverse auction” and formally as “Auction 1001” since spectrum was being relinquished rather than acquired.  The “forward auction,” formally known […]

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How is the Public Interest Served When Broadcasters Depict Illegal Behavior with No Consequences?

A recent episode of CBS’ hit series, Two Broke Girls, was thought-provoking; thought-provoking in the sense that it made me ponder, “In 2013, what is the public interest with regards to television broadcasters?”  That is, does it serve the public interest when a prime time (8:30/7:30 pm Monday), entertainment television program depicts behavior which is […]


Follow the Money – Sports Programming, Golden Goose & Possible TV Revolution

Although not explicitly stated by any of the panelists, the political adage, “follow the money,” was an underlying theme to the Broadband Unlimited Webinar on Retransmission Consent held on Friday 11/30. There seemed to be agreement among the panelists – all of whom have been involved in the retransmission/must-carry regulatory game since it was enacted […]