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Viodi View – 02/16/15

Value Added Business Services Drive New Revenue “An all-star line-up of speakers that was assembled,” said Jeff Leslie, CEO of ITS Fiber. He was referring to this week’s event, Beyond Fiber and Into the Data Center and he was right, as all the speakers delivered great insight. As we discovered, what ITS Fiber is doing […]

Business Broadband Cloud Computing Fiber to the Premise Software Defined Network

Value Added Business Services Drive New Revenue

Perhaps data center was the wrong term to use in describing the event Viodi is producing in conjunction with ITS Fiber this week in Florida. It is almost impossible for an independent operator to compete with large, data centers that are essentially real estate plays backed by entities with deep pockets. The point of our […]

Alan Weissberger Business Broadband

Comcast Fiber Network Buildout gives rise to Metro Ethernet and PRI trunking services for SMBs

Introduction Comcast has been quietly expanding its fiber footprint – initially to offer cable modem based broadband Internet service to residential customers – but more recently to commercial buildings and even new office parks.  Since 2002, the U.S.’s largest MSO has spent over $600M to expand and upgrade its fiber network in Northern California, according […]

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