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Safety First at the “Fully” Smart Driving Car Summit*

It is important to distinguish between those features that enhance safety versus those that provide safety and convenience is how Princeton’s Dr. Alain Kornhauser set the stage for the Smart Driving Car Summit session, Incentivizing Through Regulation. Regulations must ensure that the comfort features, such as Automatic Cruise Control (ACC), do not degrade safety. He […]

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Making a Dumb Road, Smart #CES2020

Replacing passive lane reflectors with connected devices will transform highways from dumb to smart, promises Sharar Bahiri, Founder, Chairman & CTO of Valerann. Improving highway safety is the driving force behind Valerann’s quest to see their devices installed on highways around the world. An Active Device Instead of a Passive Reflector Their solar-powered units include […]

Viodi View

Viodi View – 03/02/19

Is Bill Gates optimistic or pessimistic about the future? That was the question posed yesterday on the airport TV. Rushing to my flight, there wasn’t time to sit and watch the interview, but a few gates later the closed caption on another TV indicated he is optimistic. Gates has credibility in his prognostications as the […]

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DSRC vs C-V2X and More – Spectrum Is the Goldmine

“Spectrum, really the airwaves, is the gold mine,” states Rajiv Mathur, Ph.D., Smart Transportation Programs Prospect Silicon Valley. Mathur was referring to an area of agreement between two competing technological approaches that allow vehicles to communicate with each other, with infrastructure and “things” and, conceivably, even pedestrians. The above interview recaps a 1/23/19, ProspectSV forum that […]