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The Consumer Experience Show #CES2018

For decades, the acronym CES stood for Consumer Electronics Show. A few years ago, in recognition of its expanded scope, the show organizers changed it from an acronym to simply a word, CES.  The meaning of CES continues to evolve and some of the descriptors that might be used to describe CES in 2018 include […]

Autonomous Vehicles, New Mobility & the Built Environment

A Force Multiplier – An Autonomous Mobile Sensing Device

“The K3 and the K5 we have been operating now over 180,000 hours and over 100,000 hours all across the country helping security guards and security professionals do their jobs more effectively,” said William Santana Li, CEO and Chairman of Knightscope, Inc. These mobile, autonomous data gathering machines, with sensors to measure and record things […]

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NAB 2014 Notes and Pictures

NAV would be a more appropriate acronym for the multi-day conference that NAB hosts in Las Vegas each spring. Video (and audio to a lesser extent) is the common denominator to the sessions and the vendors that populate the massive exhibit floor.  The “B” (broadcasters) in NAB was somewhat smaller in scope compared to the […]