Alan Weissberger Mutliscreen Video

Multi-Screen Video Presents Challenges & Opportunities for Global Service Providers

Introduction Multi-screen video content and capabilities are becoming ever more important to pay TV operators, such as AT&T U-Verse.  Multi-screen video content is usually transmitted over IP networks (often referred to as Over The Top or OTT video).  The video content is received by multiple devices, such as notebooks, tablets, and smart phones.  Ken Pyle has […]

Alan Weissberger Cloud Computing Technology

Microsoft, HP and SalesForce Assess Key Cloud Computing Issues

Introduction: At the April 12, 2012 TiE Cloud meeting in Santa Clara, CA, three leading Cloud Service Providers presented their views as to where the cloud industry is now and where it’s going.  Microsoft, HP and Salesforce are each addressing a different segment of the cloud market with what they believe are compelling value propositions […]