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Viodi View – 09/06/16

The announcement and demonstrations by farm implement manufacturer, CNH Industrial, make it pretty clear that autonomous technologies will have a huge impact on rural areas just as they will make a huge difference to urban landscapes. This could be a boon to places that face shortages of people to drive tractors and combines, but, at the same time, has the potential […]

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HOT Interconnects (HOTi) Summary- Part I. Building Large Scale Data Center Networks

The annual IEEE Hot Interconnects conference was held August 24-25, 2016 in Santa Clara, CA. We review selected presentations in a series of conference summary articles. In this Part I. piece, we focus on design considerations for large-scale Data Centers (DCs) that are operated by Cloud Service Providers (CSPs).

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New Nokia Faces Competition & Challenges from Software Megatrend – Part 1

Introduction: On December 2nd, Nokia shareholders overwhelmingly approved the acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent . The only remaining full service telecom equipment company in either North America or Europe is being sold to Nokia in a 15.6 billion Euro (€) deal which could make the “new Nokia” a market leader in network equipment and cloud services for […]

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Threat of Disaggregated Network Equipment – Part 3

Introduction: Disaggregation of IT equipment started with Facebook driving the Open Compute Project (OCP) to open up the design of compute servers. It then extended to bare metal switches and white boxes (such as those from Pica8), which are a huge threat to traditional switch/router equipment vendors.  The threat is now extended to transport/transmission equipment […]

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2015 Hot Interconnects Summary Part I – Oracle, Intel, and Facebook Talks

Introduction: In this first of a multi-part series on the excellent Hot Interconnects 2015 conference, held in Santa Clara, CA, August 26-28, 2015, we highlight presentations from three major IT infrastructure vendors: Oracle, Intel, and Facebook. A follow on article will examine Huawei’s open source activities, Deep Machine Learning and its networking applications (from Brocade Research), […]