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Robots work to fight COVID 19; SK Telecom’s 5G Robot

Robots are being used on a large scale to combat COVID-19 and that may continue for quite some time.  Automation solutions that were unthinkable twenty years ago have matured and are now very practicable, thanks to the convergence of technologies like machine vision, machine learning & AI, open-source robotic operating systems, and mobile components and […]

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Fit and Forget & Many More Ways the World Is Changing #IDTechEx

Roads that generate electricity, solar-powered planes that stay up for weeks at a time and electricity storage that is a part of a structure are the types of things that Dr. Peter Harrop sees in the not-too-distant future.¹ Harrop, the Chairman of the Board of IDTechEx, brings a unique, informed and practical perspective to how […]

Autonomous Vehicles, New Mobility & the Built Environment CES2018

Electrifying Mobility in Communications, Transport & Smart Cities #CES2018

The “C” in this year’s CES2018 could have easily stood for “cars”, as vehicles from a variety of new entities as well as established players, were seemingly everywhere at CES2018. And it is much more than cars, as the vehicles ranged from personal transport to delivery to shared. The impact of the technologies go beyond […]

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NAB 2014 Notes and Pictures

NAV would be a more appropriate acronym for the multi-day conference that NAB hosts in Las Vegas each spring. Video (and audio to a lesser extent) is the common denominator to the sessions and the vendors that populate the massive exhibit floor.  The “B” (broadcasters) in NAB was somewhat smaller in scope compared to the […]